Biosphere Reserve

Volcanic landscape in Lanzarote

The particular model of development that has seen the island, with sustained economic growth, with an obvious protection and nature conservation and the environment has made it worth of the recognition and declaration of Lanzarote as a Biosphere Reserve, on Oct. 7 of 1993 by UNESCO, which was the final confirmation to a long and extensive work of the islanders to retain one of its more defined features and identify, which is the continued interest in and respect of the conservation of their environment.
Lanzarote was the second Biosphere Reserve in the Canary Islands, adding a new component: for the first time it was declared by UNESCO a territory as a whole, including all of its population cores. The perfect symbiosis achieved in Lanzarote between man and nature is undoubtedly the main reason for this international recognition.
Lanzarote provides original aspects to the Network of Biosphere Reserves. Emphasizes the integration of artistic creation in the territory as a part of strengthening one's own culture, generating an added value as a tourist resource. It also provides improved aesthetics and the subsequent economic returns, coupled with the recovery of degraded areas: cultural values, physical limits and environmental conditions are reflected in agricultural landscapes.
The island has high environmental qualities and has the presence of representative ecosystems and highly protected enclaves.


What is a Biosphere Reserve?

UNESCO created in 1976 the concept of Biosphere Reserve in order to identify and retain those territories where there are representative ecosystems of a biogeographic region and in which there are the conditions that enable sustained economic development and land use compatible with the conservation of its natural resources.
Biosphere Reserves are representative areas of terrestrial and coastal enviroments, whose importance, both for conservation and for the provision of skills and human values that can contribute to sustainable development on a human scale, has been recognized internationally through the program Man and Biosphere. MAB (Man and Biosphere).  
The goal of a Biosphere Reserve can be synthesized in preserving and creating natural and cultural values through a scientifically correct management, socially respectful, culturally creative and operationally sustainable. Biosphere Reserves are to secure the future, though built from our own history.


The declaration of Lanzarote

Natural area of interest in Lanzarote

In November 1992, governments, regional and insular, agreed to initiate proceedings for the declaration of the island of Lanzarote as a Biosphere Reserve. In this way, institutional agreements were responding to the demands for disclosure of the island, among which must be highlighted the fervent request of the artist Cesar Manrique.

Cesar Manrique was a member of the Spanish Committee of MAB. He was the forerunner of the proposal to declare Lanzarote Biosphere Reserve. His work integrated into the landscape, called symbiosis Art - Nature / Nature - Arts, has been taken into account as one of the elements that has sustained the declaration, since this is an example of the harmonical intervention of man in this environment. The work of , his thinking and his proposals to his home island has meant progress towards sustainable development long before the term was coined.

Among the factors that have contributed to consolidating the statement of Lanzarote is worthwhile to note the presence of natural areas of interest, including the National Park Timanfaya, the existence of a high standard of environmental culture in the island's population, the presence of an extensive catalog of works tailored to the unique environment and the conservation of a model of agricultural land which represents one of the most unique and beautiful heritage to be found in the extensive insular culture of the planet.

In addition, the island has management tools, the Island Plan of Land and Natural Areas Law of the Canaries, with the ability to ensure the objectives of the Reserve.



Protected Areas

Protected areas

The island lets us to enjoy its 12 protected areas, Natural Parks, sites of great interest ....

Protected Areas


Lanzarote Brand

Marca Lanzarote

The brand of the Lanzarote Biosphere Reserve, created by Cesar Manrique, is an erupting volcano from an aerial view. It symbolizes the innovative and creative strength of Lanzarote.


Routes and Excursions

Routes and excursions

Travel through the island in the way you like the most, by foot, car, cycling, the routes are waiting for you to see the wonders of the island.

Routes and Excursions