Terms of Use and Privacy

1. Protection of data of a personal nature

By virtue of Organic Act 15/99, on Protection of Data of a Personal Nature (LOPD), you are informed that the data of a personal nature that you might send to us by any route will form part of a file registered with the Spanish Agency for Data Protection, the purpose of which is to fulfil the current legislation. 

The user consents, by sending his data, to  SPEL, SOCIEDAD DE PROMOCION EXTERIOR DE LANZAROTE, SA and the TOURISM BUREAU OF THE LANZAROTE  ISLAND AUTHORITY (CABILDO), sending him communications by e-mail, by ordinary mail or by any other medium, and he may at any moment request the cessation of the sending of the said communications. For this purpose, as well as for carrying out any other kind of consultation or comment, the user may apply to SPEL Sociedad de Promoción Exterior de Lanzarote, SA, or alternatively to the Tourism Bureau of the Lanzarote Island Authority (Cabildo), by e-mail to the address privacidad@turismolanzarote.com, or  by ordinary mail, to the address indicated in the legal warning, with the request being accompanied by a document which accredits your identity, such as a copy of your National Identity Document. 


 2. Procedures for access, cancellation, objection and/or rectification

In relation with your data of a personal nature, you are informed that you have the right of access, cancellation, objection and rectification, and may exercise them either by e-mail to the address  privacidad@turismolanzarote.com  indicating in the reference:  “Data Protection” or alternatively at the postal address indicated above, by ordinary mail or in person, via the procedure which is set out below. 

You will have the right to know in what state your data are; what kind of treatment they are subject to; where they have been obtained from: to modify them if you consider that they are not correct, or if they were initially correct but no longer reflect current reality as the situation has changed, to object to receiving promotional information by any means whether electronic or otherwise, and even to totally cancel them, provided always that this is permitted by the current legislation.

For the exercise of the above-mentioned rights, to be exact for the request, it will have to be made to the person responsible for the file by means of a document containing the following details:  


  • Name and surnames of the party affected, together with a photocopy of your National Identity Document (or of any other valid document in law for the identification of the applicant). If you are acting in representation of another person, or of any legal entity, a photocopy of the document which accredits that representation. 
  • The basis on which the application is based.
  • Indication of an address for purposes of notification.
  • Documents, if applicable, which accredit the basis of the request.
  • Date and signature of the applicant.

 In order to send the application, it will be necessary to use any means which gives proof of the sending and receiving of the application. 


 3. Intellectual Property

SPEL, SOCIEDAD DE PROMOCION EXTERIOR DE LANZAROTE, SA, hereinafter “SPEL”  the owner and proprietor of this web site, is also owner and proprietor of all the rights of intellectual and industrial property that exist or may exist over the design, structure and functionality of this web site, including its images and the organisation of contents.

The reproduction, distribution and/or total or partial public communication is prohibited without the prior authorisation in writing of SPEL.



Our mission and objectives

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The Society for the Foreign Promotion of Lanzarote was created with a mission and objectives, to enhance quality tourism in Lanzarote.

Mission and objectives


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César Manrique

César Manrique

Learn about the life of this artist, who has left an inimitable imprint on the culture and landscape of Lanzarote.

César Manrique

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People & Customs

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Terms of use and registration

4. Conditions of Registration

 The access and use of the SPEL service implies acceptance of all the following conditions and specifications.

Nature of the Service

SPEL offers services to its visitors, in general, and the possibility of having a private space denominated the Journey Plan and of telling your experience to registered visitors. All visitors may vote on and evaluate the contents, in such a manner that the participation of everybody makes a site with richer and more truthful information.  All the services are free of charge and are subject to acceptance of the conditions when the user registers.


Register of Users

SPEL requires the user to choose a user name and a password. The user must keep the password under his own responsibility in the strictest and most absolute  confidentiality, accepting therefore all the damage and/or losses of all kinds that might arise  from the discovery or revelation thereof, or the misuse which, as a consequence of the breach of the user’s duty of custody, a third party might make.   Registration with SPEL permits the user to have direct access, using his username and password, to his account at Journey Plan and My Experience, as well as to all the tools that the site has for its administration and the updating of content. 

Duties of the User

The user undertakes not to use the services for the conduct of activities that are contrary to law, or public order and, in general, to make use of them in a manner which is in accordance with the present general conditions. SPEL reserves the right to suspend or cancel the service for any user who uses this service to carry out illicit activities. 
The user who participates does so with the purpose of improving the information and veracity of the site in a manner which is respectful to the authors of the contents, in the same way that he expects them to do so with him.  SPEL reserves the right to edit the content and, if applicable, to suspend or cancel the service to any user who uses this service to carry out illicit activities. 

5. Responsibility of SPEL for the Content of the Journey Plan  and My Experience

  • Journey Plan and My Experience are contents created and updated as personal pages. The service of SPEL is limited to the simple provision of the service of hosting of personal pages and therefore the responsibility for the use which may be made of the information and contents included on each one of the contents of Journey Plan and My Experience falls exclusively on those who write them. 
  • Due to the technical nature of the service offered, SPEL will not accept any responsibility for the loss of data, information or files which are produced as a consequence of the cutting off or interruption in the supply of any of the services, and declines all liability for damages which might be derived from this. 
  • SPEL reserves the right to unilaterally suspend, temporarily or irreversibly, and without need for prior notice, accessibility to its system of Journey Plan and My Experiences or the partial or total content of these, by reason of the possible need to effect operations of maintenance, repair, updating, improvement of the systems or incompatibility with the service offered.  SPEL likewise reserves in all cases the unilateral right to modify the present conditions of use and access to the service of hosting of the Journey Plan and My Experiences.

 6. Duration of the Service

Without prejudice to the interruptions or suspensions which might take place for technical reasons, or due to unilateral cancellation on the part of the user or of SPEL, the service will be provided for an indefinite period with fulfilment of the foregoing conditions.