The board of trustees

Detail of Monumento al Campesino

The manager of the Board of Trustees will be appointed by the Cabildo Insular de Lanzarote under proposal of the Tourism Board of the Town, upon advice of the Commission on Tourism.

The Board of Trustees will have an  Information Body called the Open Assembly.

The Trustees have the staff necessary for the discharge of its duties, determining their number, rank and functions in the staffing and relationship of jobs or, proposed by the Governing Council and approved by the Cabildo.

The seats are covered, according to officials, by civil servants assigned by the Cabildo or hired by the Board in working arrangements. Staff members will retain their active status in the Cabildo.

The selection of the staff of the Board shall be in accordance with principles of publicity IDS, merit and ability.

Within the same board there are 8 departments, IDS which play different roles:


Tourist Information

  • Direct information to tourists who come to the offices  

  •  Regular Foreign Mail Information   

  • Sending of e-mails with the Tourist Information requested


Department of Home Promotion


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Our mission and objectives

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The Society for the Foreign Promotion of Lanzarote was created with a mission and objectives, to enhance the quality tourism in Lanzarote.

Mission and objectives


Tourist Offices

Oficinas de Turismo

In the network of Tourist Information Offices of Lanzarote will give you all the information necessary to know the island.

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