Getting to the Island


Practical information

  • Timetables
    The timetable of the leisure, commercial, banking and catering offer is tailored to the tourist needs and flows. Accurate information from every supply point can be found in another section of the menu of this site.
  • Do they have special discounts for students?
    Young people who have international student ID enjoy discounts on transportation and entrance tickets.
  • What should I do if I have a problem in an establishment?
    If you suffer any incident in any establishment (restaurant, hotel, etc.) ask for the complaints book to expose the reason of your complaint and that this gets to relevant agencies. While the establishment is obliged to provide the aforementioned complaints book, in the case that they could not provide it, go to a tourist office.
  • Transportation
    During your visit to the island you can use its Bus service, which links the capital with the different municipalities, and taxi service.

    There are also ships and Ferries to communicate with La Graciosa and Lanzarote with the other islands in the Canary archipelago.
  • Car Rental
    There are different car rental companies, both international, national and local, you may find a wide variety of offers and prices. You can find offices for renting a car at the airport, capital and tourist areas.
  • Regarding the driving regulations
    The maximum speed limit on national roads is 90 km / h and in urban areas of 60 km / h, unless otherwise noted.
    There are traffic laws that regulate and penalize the non-use of seat belts, driving under the influence of alcohol or use of the mobile phone without a hands-free.

    Petrol stations sell unleaded gasoline and diesel fuel, and usually accept credit cards.

    If you are involved in an accident of great magnitude, call 091. If you're not hurt exchange the necessary data with the other driver/s involved in the accident. The rental agencies must have a contracted insurance for the driver and the car and also have a phone number available for breakdowns of the vehicle.
  • Health
    Hospitals: On the island there are two large public hospitals, the Island of Lanzarote Hospital 928 810 000 (this is only for the elderly or people undergoing palliative care) and the Hospital Doctor José Molina Orosa 928 595 000, in addition to competent clinics and private centres and doctors in the main tourist areas in the north and south as in the capital.
    Insurance: If you have a private insurance, you should contact your insurance agent to request a transfer card. If you go to any public hospitals or clinics remember that you need to present your Social Security card.
    Solar Protection: The sunny and hot months are July, August and September with an average of 12 hours of sun a day and daytime temperatures between 27 º and 29 º.
    During these months you should avoid the sun at noon and must use a high protection sunscreen. Medicine: Do not forget your medications that you may need to take.
    The pharmacies have stock of the best-known brands of analgesics and other common medicines. There are pharmacies in all tourist areas and there's always one on duty.
  • Is water on the island drinkable?
    The tap water comes from desalination plants and is perfectly safe to drink. However, if its taste is not to your liking, you can find a wide variety of bottled water at any point of trade.

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