Lanzarote and its wine

Harvest of grape for wine production

Lanzarote is Vino Vivo (Living Wine), slow melody of a noble heritage that believes in its dry subtropical climate by the ingenuity of previous generations.

Its people became an ally of the volcanic sands to win up to the last drop from an adverse weather, and has been forged in permanent struggle with low rainfall until decoding the secrets of the freshness the night brings.

Hidden in some cases, up to ten meters deep is the old soil, the fertile mantle, in which its veterans and renewed strains root.


Wine and Art

The artist César Manrique

Already Cesar Manrique, in 1964, when he exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in New York (MOMA) a selected work at global level for the prestigious shows Architects of Agriculture, on concepts of pure agriculture made by the peasants of Lanzarote, disseminated to the world the peculiar spectacle that shapes the landscape in the cultivation of grapes on the Island of Volcanoes. Overwhelming, unique and unmistakably, The Geria, cultivation area par excellence, thus became what is called a Land-Art. Now recognized as a protected natural area or in a Biosphere Reserve.


A different culture

Landscape of Lanzarote covered by volcanic sand

The great eruption of 1730-36 covered one third of the island and disabled its best growing areas. The benefactor mantle of black sand which, along with the walls of volcanic stone, makes a thermoregulatory function, preserves vegetation soil moisture both from the high sunshine and the almost constant prevailing wind. The work of the vineyards are conducted in a entirely manual way as the frame of harvest prevents mechanization and irrigation. Artisanal process from planting the rods to the gathering of the grapes. Malvasia predominates, its a grape variety well suited to the enviroment, small and of high quality for its balance, flavor and fragrance that then moves to the wine. It is precisely this grape which gives the wine of Lanzarote its nuance, mainly white gold. Other varieties are:   Muscatel, white and black lists, Diego, and Burra White Negramoll.


Bodegas de Lanzarote

Bodega Castillo de Guanapay

Address:Calle La Asomada, 39 - 35572 - Tías

Bodega El Grifo

Hours:De 08:00 a 16:00 horas todos los días. Tienda, Museo, Biblioteca, Visitas organizadas, Cursos de degustación.
Wines:Colección: Malvasí Seco y Semidulce Malvasía: Seco, Semidulce, Dulce, Fermentado en Barica y Malvasia Brut Listán Negro: Rosado, Tinto, Ariana y Brut Rosé Syrah: Reserva de Familia Dulces Antiguos: Canari, George Glas y Moscatel de Ana Seco Ecológico Afrutado
Address:Lugar El Grifo-Carretera Teguise-Uga, LZ-30, Km.11 - 35550 - San Bartolomé - Tel:928 524 036

Bodega Guiguan

Wines:Malvasía Seco, Malvasía Semidulce, Tinto Tradicional, Moscatel Dulce, Rosado
Address:Avda. de los Volcanes, 116 - 35560 - Tinajo - Tel: 928 840 715 / 659 971 555

Bodega Reymar

Wines:Malvasía Semidulce, Rosado, Tinto Joven y Blanco Malvasía Seco.
Address:Plaza de los Dolores, 19 - Mancha Blanca - 35560 - Tinajo

Designation of Origin

In 1993 is born the Regulatory Counsel or the Board of the Designation of Origin Wines of Lanzarote with their distinctive certificate of origin ensures the quality of the wines that are produced on the island. When you uncork a bottle of wine with the designation of origin Wine of Lanzarote; you are contributing directly to safeguard and maintain our landscape. These are wines that belong to The following wineries who stick to the Control Board:

 El Grifo - Guiguan - La Florida - La Geria - La Grieta - Los Bermejos - Martinón - Reymar - Rubicón - Stratvs - Tierra de Volcanes - Vega de Yuco - Vulcano

Designation of Origin Lanzarote


People & Customs

People & Customs

Find out more about the hospitable people and customs of the island.

People & Customs

With the eyes of ...

With the eyes of...

The vision of the island of our artists, residents and visitors.



Wines D. O. Lanzarote

Vinos Lanzarote

The climate of the Islans is the cause of an early harvest, the first In Europe. The month of July signals the start of the artisan and ceremonious harvest of the grape, where the Volcanic Malmsey stands out worldwide with its unique qualities. This high-quality Malmsey is renowned for its balance, flavour bouquet, balanced flavour and bouquet. Other important varieties are the White Listán, the Black Listán, Moscatel, Diego and Negra Mulata.

Most of the harvest given over to the production of white wines, whether dry, medium dry, medium sweet, liquors, vintages or sparkling although excelent rosé and red wines are also produced. the many national and internacional awards received year after year are the best proof of their great quality.

Lanzarote Wines


The Wine Route

The wine route

Discover the most personal tastes and smells of the island visiting wineries and proposed sites.


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Malvasía Seco Bermejo

Avarage rate:
Description:Atractivo color amarillo verdoso y de gran complejidad aromática. Muy frutal al comienzo, con matices de limón y mango que da paso a sutiles aromas florales. Con paso suave y glicérico entre recuerdos de limón, hierba seca y piel de melocotón llega a un f

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Yaiza Malvasía Seco

Avarage rate:
Bodega:Bodega Vega de Yuco
Description:Vino elaborado con una rigurosa selección de uva. De color amarillo pálido, limpio y cristalino. Aroma intenso, limpio, franco, afrutado con matices florales. Suave al paladar, fruto de un gran equilibrio en boca

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Rubicón Tinto

Avarage rate:
Rubicón Tinto
Bodega:Bodegas Rubicón
Description:Carácter varietal de la listán negra. Aromas a frutas del bosque con matices tostados y avainillados. Buen equilibrio y buena longitud en boca.

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Rubicón Rosado

Avarage rate:
Rubicón Rosado
Bodega:Bodegas Rubicón
Description:Intensos aromas a frutas del bosque predominando la fresa y la mora. Matices lácticos que permanecen en boca aportando virtuosidad y longitud

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White * (11 C) Faithful companion of fish and shellfish. In Lanzarote, order it with "boiled Sama in mojo. " Tinto * (15 C) Ideal for meat and spoon dishes. On the island, with a good "sauté of chickpeas " or "fried kid with garlic. " Pink * (10 C) Order with a "Canary Sancocho." Muscatel wine * (12 C) For desserts. We recommend having a "Home Frangollo." Malvasia Seco * (11 C) The best appetizer of Lanzarote. Taste it with a plate of "Potatoes with cheese and gofio." Malvasia semi * (9 C) Both to accompany fish or a typical dessert such as the "Torrijos." * Ideal temperature to serve.