Services for Organizers

Congresses, conventions or travel Incentives are demanding a large quantity of services, on the island of Lanzarote are offered by specialized local entrepreneurs. That is why each time a meeting of this kind is held on the island, a major number of corporations and companies are launched to meet the demands of that event. 

Similarly, the Lanzarote Convention Bureau offers to the organizers of Congresses, Conferences and Incentives a range of services which, undoubtedly, will ensure success in the organization of these professional meetings. 

In this regard, the functions of the Convention Bureau will focus mainly on the following aspects: 

  • Offering a professional and specialized service in advice and information.

  • Facilitate, to the extent possible, and collaborate with foreign organizations in the application of various permits, which are necessary for the development of activities in Lanzarote.

  • Advise, objectively, in the choice of headquarters for the congress or meeting.

  • Provide information about the services and the infrastructure of the island.

  • Coordinate supply and demand for them.

  • Support in the preparation of specific technical dossiers.

  • Tourist documentation and audiovisual materials on Lanzarote.

  • Institutional and technical support to organizers of events.

  • And all documents and relevant information Regarding the organization of events: Auditoriums, designers, printer's, photography, hostesses, interpreters, restaurants, taxi drivers, transports, shops, gift makers and providers, catering, carpet fitters, decorators, florists, personal responsible for the handling of material, mailing, local artists, local transport businesses, both between islands and air travel, travel agencies, newsagents' and photocopies, cabinet press and photographers, signs and posters, messaging, banks and other independent professionals.


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Spas & Relax

Relax, Talaxotherapy, ... We invite you to relax and unwind in one of the health centres with which Lanzarote counts.

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Let yourself be carried away by the vineyards of the Geria, a form of culture unique in the world.



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The Tourism Council of Lanzarote enables participation, information and logistical support needed for those who are members of the Lanzarote Convention Bureau.

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Restaurants, bars and coffee shops

Let yourself be carried away by the great gastronomic offer that the variety of bars and restaurants on the island possess.